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Oona River Harbour Authority

About our Harbour

Harbour Master Contact

   (778) 884-1359 


Harbour Entrance
Oona River Harbour is tidal which means that it has a shallow entrance accessible only at high tide.

  • The depth of the entrance is marked on an entrance dolphin. The depths mark the depth at the shallowest part of the route.

  • The route in, is indicated by a range on the end of the breakwater.

  • From the depth marker dolphin find your position with the range and follow it to the breaker, then come around the breakwater and find your moorage at the dock. 

The above information is only for general guidance.  Navigating the entrance to the harbour remains your sole responsibility.

Harbour Facility
The use of the harbour at Oona River is subject to a moorage fee, paid in advance by visiting vessels (see attached current rate sheet). 
Oona River Harbour Authority provides hydro (30amp connections) for a fee.

  • Non-potable water is provided.

  • Pump out service, fuel service or repairs are not available.  Prince Rupert would be the nearest community for those services.

The Oona River Community Association (ORCA) operates the harbour as the Oona River Harbour Authority. ORCA has a lease from Small Craft Harbour, a branch of Department of Fishery and Oceans.

The Oona River Harbour Authority provides moorage for commercial fishing vessels, residents and the traveling public.  The use of the facility is governed by the Fishing and Recreational Harbour Act and a Moorage Agreement.  The moorage agreement is posted at a bulletin board in the harbour. The FRHA is available on line at a DFO website.

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